Welcome to Brazil

The 23rd meeting of the GBIF Governing Board and associated events
Brasília, Brazil
24-28 October 2016

The Brazilian Biodiversity Information System (SiBBr), on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil, is pleased to host the 23rd meeting (GB23) of the GBIF Governing Board in Brasília.

The official Governing Board meeting will take place on 25 and 26 October 2016. All participants are invited to a welcome dinner offered by the Brazilian Delegation in the evening of 24 October.

Governance committee meetings will take place on 24 October. Also, the host kindly invites everybody to participate in the SiBBr Symposium on 27 October.

Attendees may also sign up to conclude their visit on an excursion on 28 October to visit the bioma Cerrado (Brazilian savannah) where Brasilia is located.

Please note that the registration for the meeting will close on 14 October